Our high-end realtor client needed a high-end brochure. Metallic ink and crisp professional photos of the region, rather than typical residence shots, made this piece stand out. We highlighted the in-depth knowledge of The Fieldstone Group with some humor — even the mailman asks them for directions. (A perfect example of a believable emotional truth.) We topped it off with the “We know Greenwich” tagline for the win.

This non-profit is committed to welcoming everyone to all things Judaism, from interfaith marriage, to courses on Jewish traditions and holidays, to conversion. The client was not initially convinced this amusing headline would be the right tone for a somewhat serious subject, but received such a positive response from the younger generation, that it became a main piece of communication.

Stephanie began Forgirlsake charity with a group of high school friends in 2006. And every year they organize events to support girls education in developing countries. This poster for an art exhibit fundraiser that featured professional photographs of laughing girls from the Sega School in Tanzania was aptly called “Something to Smile About”.


Our client needed a brochure and direct mail campaign, had a good sense of humor, and a unique positioning — he’s not just a competent handyman, but a Jewish one who speaks Yiddish AND listens to his mother. We had a little fun, and oy vey, did it work.

Any company can say they have the best quality and service (and most do), but in developing their creative we soon realized Back Bay takes perfectionism to a new level — and that became the core message of all their communications. These brochures communicated their brand personality, and along with their advertising, set them apart in their category.

This direct mail campaign which was geared toward new homeowners, points out all that can go wrong when you move. But as in their trade ad campaign, it positions Back Bay as the one thing that will always go right.

With a targeted mailing list, we set out to let people know that our realtor client was on the money. Highly experienced in her field, and competent in many areas, from negotiating to providing honest advice, we listed all her benefits in an exaggerated yet believable way. With humor and a bright color scheme, a new attribute was communicated in a mailing every few weeks.

Thread was a complete re-brand. Originally called Custom House Draperies, this direct mail pocket folder housed business cards, showed off the new identity, and communicated to the trade that the company had a brand new name.

This furnishings warehouse had a huge variety of beautiful antiques and reproductions that were drool-worthy. We showed off one piece at a time, and talked about the impression theywould make in your home.

These direct mail brochures (and the accompanying ad campaign) was all about the concept of living with antiques, no matter who you live with. We recommended the family business used their triplet boys, all the grandchildren, and even their pets, to illustrate the idea.

We were asked to create a reward program, and so we designed the card, the paper wallet it would fit into, along with a mini credit card sized brochure. Money well spent.

There was a sale. And it was big. It was so big that we imagined family relatives making the trip for the best deal, and the company accountant loosing sleep over it. No need to spend on product photography, we went with a bold color and funny headlines. They sold out.


Real estate is a very dry category, with virtually nobody doing anything remotely conceptual. (Oh, the missed opportunities!) There are a lot of studio portraits of smiling realtors and fancy pictures of house listings, but no real point of differentiation between one real estate company and another. We couldn’t find even one real estate agent who created a brand identity that a client could connect to on an emotional level.

We wanted to change that and give our client a brand that was not only easy to relate to, but that would get attention. This campaign was based on the perception that realtors frequently don’t tell the truth. So, we decided to go right at it. Our client was smart, highly educated and hard-working, but what she really prided herself on was her honesty. With bright colors, whimsical type and humorous headlines featuring her commitment to truth, we thought this campaign would be an absolute stand-out in its category. And the client thought so too, until she didn’t.

This campaign, like so many others, didn’t die of a faulty strategy, or bad creative. Sometimes, as in this case, the client simply wasn’t ready to be quite so bold. We mourned over this loss (and many others  over the years!), but not to worry, we sold another distinctive and strategic brand campaign for this small realtor. (See The Presti Group above!)

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