Because the client wanted to get started ASAP, we launched the brand with the website. The home page headline expresses the strategy, which focuses on this being a company built on values, where great homes are built by great people. A straightforward font and clean design express this stylistically, as well. We made the site easy to navigate, with compelling language that’s sincere and friendly, like the personality of the company, and showcased strong images of Ken’s award-winning homes. The goal was quality over quantity — showing the best work and focusing on the brand messaging, which is what has set the company apart from its competitors.

Estate planning can be an emotional process, and the brand copy speaks to people’s fear about the daunting task of planning their future for themselves and their families. The tagline, which appears first within the conceptual animation, conveys the vital importance of having their clients’ futures in their hands. The lawyers are extremely professional, but also personable and approachable, so we interjected a little bit of humor in the bios to lighten things up.

blueprint advisors website image

First the name, then the logo, and third came the look and feel for this client. Not an architectural firm, it was important to create imagery that differentiated this company from actual builders. Instead of resorting to construction images, the lines of the logo was the the starting point, and building texture was integrated to create a unique visual identity. Featuring an animation of the logo on the home page, the site incorporates a clean slab serif type, shades of blue, fine art and smart writing to create a distinct website that looks both professional and artistic, and is easy to navigate.

At the end of 2020 we were tasked with branding a new medical device, created to keep Emergency Medical Professionals safe. After finalizing the communication strategy, name and logo, we launched a landing page to introduce The Tent. The goal was to clearly convey the benefits of the product and communicate the urgency of protecting those courageous professionals who rush to the scene of healthcare emergencies.

Happily, we’ve worked with Back Bay for over 15 years, and this is the third site we developed for them. Branded for the trade, clean, and easy to navigate, this one will be around for a while.

“Everybody talks about quality. We build it.” That’s the core message of this website, which is filled with the client’s projects, along with details about the company, their maintenance program, and, importantly, their charity work.

This non-profit wanted a friendly site to communicate their accessibility and willingness to work with anybody interested in Judaism. A wide variety of people are featured on the homepage with a welcoming message.

This thriving online pillow company was in desperate need of a brand personality. We gave them a new look, a new language, and said goodbye to a generic site.

This company was looking for an updated, more contemporary website that communicated a brand message and was easy for its customers to navigate. We clarified their message, revised, their site map, and incorporated new photography. Presto!

Finding the right theme was the key to this project. Simple, clean, and easy to navigate, the design of this site compliments the contemporary work of this talented interior designer.

Part of the brand collateral we developed for this client, this site expressed the high level of craft that goes into every project.

When you’re in marketing, any good idea can become a reality. Just give it a name, a logo, and website, and there you have it! But this one is literally a good idea! As marketers we want to help brands be socially responsible, and over 80% of millennials agree with us. So we set this up to introduce the idea to our clients. Clear messaging, clean design, and a goal of doing good together.

A fun little side project for us, this Bar Mitzvah site, with a flashing neon logo and bright colors, was part of a fully branded “Light Up the Night” event. (Yes, we can do that, too.)

Forgirlsake is a grassroots movement bringing girls and women together to support and educate girls in need. This site fully captures the projects, and the spirit of the girls who are leading the way in their communities.

This salon has since closed, but as girls, we know, “that stuff on top of your head is a very big deal”.

This client wanted a website that would stand out in the legal industry. We had some pretty edgy fun ideas (that will show up one day in our blog of dead work) but they still ended up with a strong visual concept that set them apart and expressed their core message.

When working on the creative strategy with this interior designer, we were struck by her thoughtfulness, which we coined “interior intelligence”.

This site (and company) is no longer, but the architectural color images, contrasting with the white background, and sleek slider worked to create a great looking site. Although the client did not want to incorporate the magazine visuals into the website (see Ad section), the same message pulled the brand together: “How would you feel if building your dream house was not one problem after another?”

At Uturn Design, it is all about the concept (in case you haven’t noticed) and so we loved the simple idea on the home page. This construction company builds and renovates, but the best part was, their home care. At the time, this message, along with the blue background and interesting type, helped distinguish FBN in a web world where so much looks the same.

OK, one more site that came and went, but helped get a small startup off the ground.The concept, “a garden starts inside”, referring to our client’s deep understanding of how her customers live and interact in their spaces, is a believable notion that remains true of her process.

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