In 2020 our blog changed direction, because, well, the world changed direction. A pandemic will do that.

A pandemic.

It’s nearly impossible to believe that the whole thing wasn’t a dystopian show on Netflix, right? But there we were, in quarantine, social distancing, wearing masks, washing our hands until they were raw. We were worried about the people we love, our jobs, our future (and let’s face it, sports). Everything was on pause. Except, of course, that it wasn’t. Business continued. It pivoted and figured out how to survive. In fact, marketing became better. Brands stopped thinking about selling, and started thinking about how they could serve their communities.

In that unprecedented and totally crazy time, we began to explore how marketing connected with audiences in a way that was human and thoughtful. We wrote and we thought and we worked on a cause marketing initiative called The Doing Good Project. (You need to click off our site to check that out—not the best way to keep you engaged right here, but go on, it’s worth it.) Some things we considered during the pandemic were: How does a global crisis change the way we make advertising? How do we create design and marketing that will resonate without disrespecting the place we find ourselves? And now, what do we talk about in the time of post-Covid-19? Our Turn is all that, what we learn, observe and critique. And we invite you to have your turn too, so share your thoughts.

OK, so read on. (Did you check out The Doing Good Project yet? Go and come back. We’ll wait.)

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